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22 Frag Solo Gameplay! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

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Information 22 Frag Solo Gameplay! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

Title :  22 Frag Solo Gameplay! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja
Lasting :   19.10
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Frames 22 Frag Solo Gameplay! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

Description 22 Frag Solo Gameplay! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

Comments 22 Frag Solo Gameplay! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

Hope you guys enjoy! New highlight video will be up tomorrow! Also I'm live all night tonight www.twitch.tv/ninja
Comment from : Ninja

MD Baba
Who else watching old videos of his in lockdown
Comment from : MD Baba

Shane Campbell
Ninja you are a beast I love your vids your my fav
Comment from : Shane Campbell

Bruh people saying fortnite was going to die back then, it’s still kickin today
Comment from : Cartlav

Johan jaziel Andrade
Comment from : Johan jaziel Andrade

I’m watching this during chapter 2 season 2
Comment from : PoorBoy__1

Comment from : ExillityPlayz

Hey ninja I am brasilian, I like yours videos
Comment from : PØCKET_ GAMER

Dj Mosby
Best Fortnite streamer = Ninja
Comment from : Dj Mosby

Assunta Giordano
You pro
Comment from : Assunta Giordano

The good ol fays
Comment from : Spider

Ahmed Al-abedi
Anyone from 2020 chapter 2 season 2
When it literally dead epic games rest in peace or upgrade your game

Comment from : Ahmed Al-abedi

Μανωλης Θεολογιτης
Anyone here 2020?
Comment from : Μανωλης Θεολογιτης

Ah the good days
Comment from : Dankus

Zsombor Horváth
We miss the old ninja so much
Comment from : Zsombor Horváth

TCOS Demise
Ninja was right
Comment from : TCOS Demise

Dark Raffa
Fuck coronavirus
Comment from : Dark Raffa

ayman smman
النت عندو 100 ب100 وزعلان هههههههههههههههه بدو ألف بألف تعا لعندي منعطيك 4 ب نص زيهههههههههههههههههههه
Comment from : ayman smman

MrApalaka !
Id way rather watch season 3 fortnite than fortnite now...
Comment from : MrApalaka !

Peggy Prendergast
use code ninja and donate yeet
Comment from : Peggy Prendergast

4:39 fortnite is dying slowly😢
Comment from : PanGR

iam a dawg
Who miss ninjashyper?
Comment from : iam a dawg

Jye Seeley
I bet nobody was complaining about aim assist in this game lmao. Ninja be the one starting all this aim assist shit
Comment from : Jye Seeley

Nietta Porrà
o my...
Comment from : Nietta Porrà

Comment from : _Shade.Vibezzz_

Srk R3shDy
Comment from : Srk R3shDy

atarisgaming YT
When the game was fun
Comment from : atarisgaming YT

Nyahlei Deans
ninja your the best fortnite player ever
Comment from : Nyahlei Deans

I remember when u had the renegade raider who is still watching this in 2020?
Comment from : Octane_Nitro

L2 Clan Real
Comment from : L2 Clan Real

L2 Clan Real
YOU CRACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : L2 Clan Real

yeeted_kid on ig
"I don't think fortnite will ever die out." -Ninja 2018
Comment from : yeeted_kid on ig

When Ninja used to drink monster instead of RedBull
Comment from : Titn

T-silly Aj
Wow u talk fast very impressive
Comment from : T-silly Aj

Gael Riios
GG bro
Comment from : Gael Riios

the gangsters
why did they change fortnite this is when double pumps were there
Comment from : the gangsters

missing the good ol days
Comment from : Atom

Thats what she said 7:07
Comment from : mlgkingshadow

its sad how ninja dosent really try to be funny on his streams... weres my old ninja
Comment from : Clickerz

whos watching this in chapter 2 u better like
Comment from : Clickerz

your dad
Who else is Getting The Nostalgia Of The Good Old Fortnite😔
Comment from : your dad

Hug Turv
Believe me I miss it too but they had to change the game because the game would get boring and as much as it already is but don’t you feel playing the same thing over and over no changes to the game no updates no game modes?
Comment from : Hug Turv

Odd PotatoHead
When I'm watching this, this video was exactly 2 years old. I miss the old fortnite😥
Comment from : Odd PotatoHead

Frost Clan
He was so good
Comment from : Frost Clan

Who else misses this ninja?
Comment from : TerKis

gamer_girl.335 girl
Back to when epic know what are they doing with fortnite
Comment from : gamer_girl.335 girl

jrh gaming
Watching this for nostalgia, miss old fortnite
Comment from : jrh gaming

Ninja. Double pumps don’t mater man I got this.also ninja.dies to double pump
Comment from : CURRY2SWEATY

Scorpion Kingedur
OMG Regenaider
Comment from : Scorpion Kingedur

Rushy's Gaming
Only one word: Days....
Comment from : Rushy's Gaming

Who misses the old young ninja in 2020?
Comment from : OceanBowl

Natasha Jessamy-Morris
Marshmello plz
Comment from : Natasha Jessamy-Morris

JoeDurant Gaming
ah the og purple tac shotgun. i miss this fortnite :(
Comment from : JoeDurant Gaming

Dave Alcalde
you’re an internet guy Ninja
Comment from : Dave Alcalde

Missed a blue pump
Comment from : AJMcD

Brian Yau
2019 vs 2018
Comment from : Brian Yau

The nostalgia 😢
Comment from : Tre

SXC Tryhard
GG bro ninja ❤
Comment from : SXC Tryhard

il ClikBate Di YouTube
Here born the legend
Comment from : il ClikBate Di YouTube

Eyad Zahra
Noobest player ever
Comment from : Eyad Zahra

Aldrin Games
Comment from : Aldrin Games

belal mohamed
Comment from : belal mohamed

Négative Creep
Comment from : Négative Creep

Old days
Comment from : DuXs

Youre mounth: .......
Ninjas mounth: 24 7

Comment from : Feim_Qrecz

Master Chicken
You are so good I love you so much
Comment from : Master Chicken

Hi NinjasHyper (Ninja) I'm from 2019. We've fucked up everything....
Comment from : Лосяш

Carmelo Estremera
You should do a modern gameplay as renegade bomber in season 10
Comment from : Carmelo Estremera

Is Japan
who look this video in two thouzen and nineteen
Comment from : Is Japan

Back when fortnite was fun as hell
Comment from : LONEWOLF

HBK is bored
the good days
Comment from : HBK is bored

Laura-Leigh Stitzer
Can you friend me ninja my name in fortnight is tigerboycam
Comment from : Laura-Leigh Stitzer

Gonçalo Sousa
Comment from : Gonçalo Sousa

Comment from : Samurai

Comment from : Samurai

عيسى الشمري
عساكم بلي الي تلويكم
Comment from : عيسى الشمري

Spheric Tuna
Who else is here in Season X?
Comment from : Spheric Tuna

What would halo battle royal look like: ground pounding flying and jet packing

Season 10: am I a joke to you

Comment from : XVNA

RIP dusty factory
Comment from : CrAcKeD RePlAyS

Caltrain 907
Nice video
Comment from : Caltrain 907

Deloris Douglas
Comment from : Deloris Douglas

This is when Fortnite was fun now it sucks
Comment from : NOLAN BILLOUPS

Alicia Acosta
Comment from : Alicia Acosta

Alicia Acosta
You Speak inglish
Comment from : Alicia Acosta

When Ninja still cursed 😂
Comment from : Aeeday

andrej ivanovic
This was real fortnite
Ps why is this in my recommended

Comment from : andrej ivanovic

Martin kalaydjiev
Anyone srason 9 to get some nostalgia
Comment from : Martin kalaydjiev

Edgar Flores
Vengo del futuro, i need my pump:( 💔
Comment from : Edgar Flores

Ninja was a god
Comment from : Rezzy

Wish I could’ve played back in the day 😔
Comment from : Rezzy

Victor Martinez
Well i mean 90% of his kills were noobs it would be nice if i always encountered noobs but i guess i would have stayed trash that way
Comment from : Victor Martinez

Arely Ríos
Any one season 9
Comment from : Arely Ríos

Doodly. Angel
Comment from : Doodly. Angel

Doodly. Angel
Can you show your loker
Comment from : Doodly. Angel

Dylan Rademacher
I miss season 3 ninja these were the best times of fortnite
Comment from : Dylan Rademacher

Antonio Piña
Wtf eran bots
Comment from : Antonio Piña

OG SKIN / OG NINJA / OG FORTNITE i miss this fortnite so bad
Comment from : MISAKI一女

wake up in the morning I got fading on my mind
When Ninja was Da shiet
Comment from : wake up in the morning I got fading on my mind

fufi gangsta
Rip purple tac and f*ck the punp
Comment from : fufi gangsta

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